Sacred Chanting

We live in a world made of sound. The deeper we listen and surrender ourselves to the vibration of the divine, the more we tune into a space in which we feel the connection between ourselves and the living universe. As we begin to express the sacred mantra with our voices, we give ourselves back to the creator: our emotions become an outpouring of devotion. Magically, we enter into an ocean of bliss, completing the cycle of divine creation: innocent, pure and full of love for the One in Everyone. 
Inspired through the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, Hansu Jot blends the heartfelt melodies of ancient mantras with a new dimension of devotional music and sacred chanting.

About Sacred Mantra

A mantra can be likened to a gateway of sound which one can walk through. It lifts us from our current state into an altered vibration, empowering us to experience an inner stillness.

In this state, the sweetness of life pours into our mind like honey. Suddenly, all worries are evaporated and replaced by pure bliss. This is the miracle of mantra.
Every time we recite a mantra, a chant or just listen to silence, we are taken deeper and deeper into our true Self.